Building your business-systems freely!

REBUILD (RB) provides you with a basic platform for business data management and analysis, permissions and processes, data auditing, document management, enterprise microblogging, and message notification. It can easily and flexibly create a suitable management system according to different business needs.

Quick Start Project

Compared with similar products, REBUILD focuses more on the realization of business requirements, rather than the basic technical framework or project startup template.

"Open design" is an important design concept of REBUILD. Thanks to the mature B-end product experience of the development team, we have realized the configurable management of various daily needs of the enterprise, and can be used without development, effectively avoiding excessive dependence on high-cost R&D investment.

Reduce Implementation Costs

From the installation stage, REBUILD considers how to simplify the complicated implementation process and reduce the implementation cost is also one of REBUILD important goals.

From the graphical installation interface, to the entity module export; from the basic data import, to the shareable business rule configuration... You can make the most of the implementation results of the existing projects. While avoiding meaningless duplication of work, it greatly improves implementation efficiency and reduces implementation cycles.


REBUILD 使用 GPL-3.0商业 双重授权许可,商业授权可享一次购买永久使用。

REBUILD 受《世界版权公约》和《中华人民共和国著作权法》保护,盗版必究(版权证书:软著登字第 7725489 号)


  • 免费授权
  • 限个人学习/企业内部使用
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  • 开源社区支持
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  • 遵循 GPL-3.0 协议
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  • 商业授权/OEM
  • 不限用途
  • 不限授权码 [1]
  • 1 年技术支持
  • 1 年开发支持
  • 移动端 (含源码) [2]
  • 增值功能 (含源码)
  • 商业服务手册
  • 实施/培训/定制开发 [3]
  • 可分发 [4]
  • 赠送 1 次系统部署
  • [1] 1 个授权码仅供 1 个服务(实例)使用,不可共享,如有多个服务需购买多个授权码
  • [2] 移动端为 H5 SPA 应用,您也可将其打包为 APP 使用(官方不提供打包服务)
  • [3] 实施/培训服务、定制开发为付费服务,我们将根据您的需求难易评估周期并乘以单价(2000元/天)
  • [4] “分发”指对 REBUILD(包括副本或派生产品)进行任何形式的销售/赠予等行为(不含原始权利)

有客户? 有资源? 没产品?


发布 2 年月活用户超 40K,REBUILD 将坚守初心助力企业信息化腾飞