Building your business-systems freely

REBUILD provides you with many functional features such as business data management and analysis, permissions and processes, data auditing, file management, and message notifications. Based on different business needs, you can easily create a management system that is more suitable for your enterprise.

Easy to use

Compared to similar products, REBUILD focuses more on achieving business requirements rather than basic technical frameworks or project initiation templates.

"Open Design" is an important design concept of REBUILD. Thanks to the mature B-end product experience of the R&D team, we have achieved configurable management of various daily needs of the enterprise. Design and build a fully graphical system, where what you see is what you get.

Cost savings

Without the need for high research and development costs, REBUILD considers how to simplify the complex system construction process from the installation stage.

In just a few hours, you can build a management system that perfectly meets your business's needs, instead of months or even years. time is money! Efficiency is cost!

Stable and reliable

REBUILD creates a safe, stable, and reliable system for you through various core technologies and comprehensive system improvement processes.

After several years of technology and product accumulation, as well as hundreds of corporate users continuing to provide various optimization suggestions, the system has become increasingly stable and powerful! You can use it with peace of mind without worrying about the extra work and various risk factors that come with unreliable systems.


REBUILD 使用 GPL-3.0 开源许可和商业授权双重授权协议,商业授权可享一次购买永久使用

* REBUILD 受《世界版权公约》和《中华人民共和国著作权法》保护(版权证书:软著登字第 7725489 号),盗版必究!


  • 免费授权
  • 限个人学习/企业内部使用
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  • 开源社区支持
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  • 基础功能
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  • 不可分发 [7]




  • 商业授权/OEM
  • 企业自用/外部分发
  • 1000 个授权码 [1]
  • 1 年技术支持 [2]
  • 1 年开发支持 [2]
  • 全部功能 [3]
  • 移动端 (含源码) [4]
  • 增值功能 (含源码) [5]
  • 商业服务手册
  • 系统实施/定制开发 [6]
  • 可分发 [7]
  • [1] 1 个授权码仅供 1 家企业的 1 个服务(实例)使用,不可共享,如有多个服务(实例)需购买多个授权码
  • [2] 技术支持仅包括产品功能使用问题,开发问题(即“开发支持”)仅向「旗舰版」提供(技术支持、开发支持方式为 5*8 在线支持)
  • [3] 具体功能以本网站公布产品发布为准(通常每 3 个月左右发布一次新版本)
  • [4] 移动端为 H5 SPA 应用,您也可将其打包为 APP 使用(需您自行解决打包问题,官方不提供支持)
  • [5] 企业版增值功能(含移动端)无源码,但您仍可对开源部分进行定制开发(需您自行解决定制开发后的打包问题,官方不提供支持)
  • [6] 系统实施、定制开发为付费服务,我们将根据您的需求难易程度评估所需人日(2000元/人日)
  • [7] “分发”指对 REBUILD(包括副本或派生产品)进行任何形式的销售/赠予等行为,详情参阅《用户服务协议》


我们拥有超过 10 年的企业软件研发与实施经验,可为您量身打造系统解决方案

Our Customers

Over 800 monthly active enterprises, REBUILD will adhere to its original intention to help Chinese enterprises take off in information technology